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Student version license instructions

Student License Agreement:

  • In order to enrich the teaching resources and enhance the competitiveness of students, the school signed a legal license agreement (OVS-ES) with Microsoft for students, and from now on, students can legally download the upgraded version of Windows operating system, Office Professional Edition (Word / Excel / Access / PowerPoint) ) The latest version, installed on your personal computer (including your own personal computer) at no extra cost.
  • For detailed usage guidelines, please refer to the following instructions for licensed software and Microsoft's official website for mass licensing.

Detailed instructions:

Scope of Authorization:

  1. Students of this school can have the right to legally use the following software on a computer owned by the school or on a computer owned by the school and loaned to the student for personal use (such as a computer loaned by a student during the semester):
    • Windows Upg: Windows operating system upgrade, including Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8. 
    •  Office Pro Plus: Office Professional Licensed Edition, application software including Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, InfoPath Filler, InfoPath Designer, SharePoint Workspace.

Instructions for use:

  1. Microsoft OVS-ES license agreement, including Windows operating system upgrade and Office Professional Edition, as long as students of the school have purchased any original random version of Windows operating system, they can upgrade to the latest version of Windows operating system for free (Windows 8 Chinese Edition has been listed on October 26, 101). 
  2. In addition, the contract also includes the latest version of Office Professional (Word / Excel / Access / PowerPoint / SharePoint), which authorizes the entire school to use it legally without additional charges.
  3. Third, the software acquisition method:
    • Within the validity period of the contract, all students can download the ISO file from the school's campus authorized software download website, and it can be installed in the school dormitory or their own computer with KMS or MAK certification.
    • The school ’s authorized software download URL is: Click Me
  4. Fourth, students graduated to obtain permanent use of authorized software:  
    •  Students who graduated from the school's Microsoft OVS-ES contract since the 102 school year can retain the permanent use of the software version obtained at the time of graduation, but cannot upgrade to subsequent new versions. However, if the university's Microsoft OVS-ES contract period ends, graduates will lose the right to use the software and must remove the software. Our school signed a "Student Edition Microsoft Campus Software License Agreement" with Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation provides the graduates' order for optical discs, which is entrusted by our school to the successful bidder "Feng Feng Information Co., Ltd.".

Questions and Answers:

  1. For general use of Microsoft CA licensed software (including license legality and product related issues), please refer to the official link of the license description first:
    • Authorized Ten Codes
    • Microsoft authorized 100 questions
  2. Software installation and activation problems or website login software download problems: Please refer to the relevant instructions of the Computer Software Campus Software Service Network or contact Ms. Lai, the school's education and training team (extension 2337 of the school).


  1. Scope of authorization of this case: personal computers of the students (including student dormitory and home).
  2. If there is a software update version during the authorization period, the computer center will publish a notice on the relevant webpage.
  3. To respect intellectual property rights, the campus legally authorizes the use of software CDs. Do not distribute or copy them illegally. Violators must bear their own legal liabilities.