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Wireless network and inter-school wireless roaming campus wireless network instructions

Web authentication connection method:

  1. Set the wireless network card of the connected device to automatically obtain an IP address (DHCP).
  2. Web authentication connection method, Search for "TANetRoaming" wireless network name (SSID) and press connect.
  3. Login method:
  4. Our school staff and students: Login with our school email account (excluding @domain name (such as ems.tcust.edu.tw) and password.
  5. TANet wireless roamer: Log in with the full email account of the original school (unit) (including @ Original school (unit) domain name) and password.
  6. Control: Students cannot log in to the wireless network during class time (faculty and staff are not set here).
  7. If the teacher can open the students to use the wireless network due to the needs of the course, please log in to the school affairs information system-> Academic Affairs Office-> course point list and wireless open link to set can be set


Eduroam authentication connection method:

  1. Search for "eduroam" wireless network name (SSID) and press connect. 
  2. For the login method, please refer to the "eduroam" connection instruction manual-wear.
  3. Students and staff of our school: use our G Suite account and password to log in.
  4. Eduroam wireless roamer: Encrypt the connection with the original eduroam certificate of the original school (unit).  Login
  5. Control: Due to official business needs (such as overseas visits and exchanges outside the school, etc.), the contracting unit intends to apply for this group by signing and listing. 
  6. If you have any questions about the above settings or use, please contact the system management group. 

Wireless network binding Mac authentication connection method:

Cross-school wireless roaming and "eduroam" cross-education wireless network roaming authentication mechanism.

The latest list of roaming schools (provided by TANet Wireless Roaming Exchange Center)

  1. All units: https://roamingcenter.tanet.edu.tw/select_tanetroaming.php
  2. Government agencies: https://roamingcenter.tanet.edu.tw/select_tanetroaming.php?type=5
  3. Ministry of Education:https://roamingcenter.tanet.edu.tw/select_tanetroaming.php?type=6
  4. Consortium: https://roamingcenter.tanet.edu.tw/select_tanetroaming.php?type=4
  5. County Network Center: https://roamingcenter.tanet.edu.tw/select_tanetroaming.php?type=1
  6. College: https://roamingcenter.tanet.edu.tw/select_tanetroaming.php?type=2
  7. High school vocational school: https://roamingcenter.tanet.edu.tw/select_tanetroaming.php?type=3

Eduroam roaming information:

Roaming account usage method:

Reference URL:

  • Set the wireless network card of the connected device to automatically obtain an IP address (DHCP).
  • You can apply for a connection using the Mac Address authentication connection method. 
  • After applying, the wireless network no longer needs to enter the account password. 
  • Only mobile devices for teaching via wireless networks and administrative executives may request to use it if required.
  • Application URL: http://gg.gg/tcustwifi

Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology faculty and students: 

When our faculty and students use the wireless network of the school participating in the roaming, please enter the EMS Gmail account provided by the school's calculation center, and the URL to the right of account @ ems.tcust.edu.tw must also be entered. For example: If your e-mail address is Mail_Account@ems.tcust.edu.tw, please enter it all, or enter user_name@ems.tcust.edu.tw.  (Please know the other basic settings of the wireless network of the foreign school in advance.)

 Foreign school guests:

If you are a guest who visits our school from other roaming schools, the domain name of your school must be included when entering the account, for example, user_name@school_name.edu.tw  "TANet Wireless Network Roaming Exchange Center URL as shown right: Campus Roaming Certification Center

Eduroam roaming usage method:

Refer to the operation manual: http://gg.gg/eduroam-manual

  • Please go to the G Suite account activation and password change password setting of our school.
  • Connect mobile device wifi to eduroam (ssid), set EAP and encryption method to connect according to the instruction manual and enter G Suite account password to connect.  (For example,  user_name@ems.tcust.edu.tw and personal password.)
  • Only faculty and staff can use eduroam wireless roaming resources through personal and business mobile devices.

Tzu Chi University of Technology faculty students:

When our faculty use the wireless network at the above-mentioned units participating in eduroam multinational roaming, please enter the G Suite account provided by the computer center of this school.

For example: If your e-mail address is Mail-Account@ems.tcust.edu.twL, please enter it all, or enter user_name@ems.tcust.edu.tw.

(Please know the other basic settings of the wireless network of the foreign school in advance.)

Foreign school guests:

If you are a visitor from another roaming school, please follow the eduroam connection method of your school.