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Tender printing payment and amount setting process

Location of use:

  • Computer classroom (1) of our school , library, three dormitory computer classrooms *(Note: Among the students in the school, there are students who pay computer internship fees, and each person is given a credit of 100 points.)

If I have run out of credits. How do I apply for printing credits again?

A: Please go to the grade printer or accounting room to make the stored value payment:

  • Hold the payment receipt to the computer center to print the set proportion and then print it
  • No refund is required after payment but can be transferred before graduation
  • Only read-only stored value points can be transferred, and the amount given by the computer internship fee cannot be transferred
  • The transferor must bring the supporting documents to the computer center

The computer center set the amount of time:

  • Every Monday ~ Every Friday 08:00 AM to 5:20 PM *(Note: Index printing service can be used during computer classroom (1), three dormitory computer classrooms and library opening hours)
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