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Please read the following repair instructions first, try to troubleshoot the situation before asking questions.


If you find that the network is abnormal, please do basic detection first. When
you find that your dormitory network cannot be connected, please check the network status of your computer by the following detection steps:

  1. Is the network of your roommates normal? Can you access the Internet at all times? Is the same situation in the opposite bedroom and the next bedroom?
  2. If the roommate's network is normal, please connect your computer to the roommate's network hole to confirm that it is normal? (If you still can't connect to the network, your computer settings may be problematic)
  3. If the roommate's network is normal, please connect the roommate's computer to your network hole to confirm whether it is normal? (If the roommate becomes unable to connect to the network, there may be a problem with your network hole, please go to the computer center for repair)
  4. Check if the computer network card is normal?
  5. Check if the network route is too old or badly connected, and the network route connector is loose?
  6. Is the personal computer functioning properly? Personal computer poisoning, medium Trojan horses: The personal computer equipment of the dormitory network users need to install anti-virus software, and update the virus code definition file on time. 
    The computer center has purchased anti-virus software
    you can download it.
  7. The anti-virus software center is not installed to restrict the use of the network.
  8. Check if the TCP/IP settings are wrong

[Application for fault repair]

  1. If the dormitory network is faulty, please go to the system management group of the computer center to register. The staff of the computer center will ask you about the situation you encounter to determine the possibility of the problem, and you will agree to the time to repair the dormitory. The dormitory must be accompanied by the presence of the dormitory.

Dormitory network maintenance business contact window:

  • School Headquarters Shi Yiyi, school extension: 1575
  • People's Socialist Institute Lu Xiwen, on-campus extension: 1630


When the computer for teaching administration fails, the repair application can be filled in through the network of the computer system of the school administration system. When the center receives the application for repair, it should first contact by phone to initially determine the possible cause of the malfunction and agree with the contractor. Repair time, to the on-site repair or retrieval of the computer center repair, after the repair is completed, whether the fault condition is eliminated by the repair test, and the network repair order is sent to the repairer to confirm the acceptance and complete the maintenance procedure.

Please note! We do not provide personal computer equipment repair services for faculty and students. Please forgive me.



  1. In order to provide better and more time consulting services for the entire school staff and students, the computer center has added an online customer service window, using the Line @ lifestyle Official Account as a service tool, and started trial operation from April 1, 2018.
  2. Any questions or suggestions are welcome to leave a message, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
  3. Online customer service hours: Monday to Friday, 08: 00 ~ 17: 00. (Closed from 12:00 to 13:30)
  4. Online customer service only provides preliminary questions and consultations. If you need follow-up processing, you will be transferred to the contractor on your behalf.

Service items:

  1. Provide consulting services for the computer center.
  2. Repair and registration of various network problems.
  3. Account login issues and password changes.
  4. Email setting and sending and receiving issues.
  5. Computer classroom loan rules and usage methods.
  6. Information graduation threshold.


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